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Three-Month Warranty on All Our Vehicles

At Apollo Motors Canada, we are committed to providing high-quality and durable vehicles. That is why we offer a three-month warranty on all our vehicles. Here are the details of this warranty.

Apollo Motors Canada Warranty Coverage

What does our warranty cover?

  • Only the original purchaser with a receipt can claim the warranty.
  • The warranty covers manufacturing defects and/or failures.

What is not covered by the warranty?
  • Damage or failure due to misuse (e.g., freestyle activities).
  • Damage caused by failure to service or uphold regular maintenance.
  • Damage caused by water, natural disasters, fires, storms, or floods.
  • Damage caused by foreign objects or debris.
  • Damage caused by incorrect fitment, installation, or assembly.
  • Damage caused during transport (please opt for freight insurance at checkout if necessary).
  • Damage caused by failure to uphold the maintenance schedule outlined in the manual.
  • Wear and tear items such as tires, tubes, bearings, brake pads, and discs.
  • Modifications, alterations, and installation of parts that are not supplied as original equipment or where the device is altered from its original manufacturer's state.
  • Failure of components/parts/accessories used on foreign brand products, for DIY purposes, or where the item is used on products that are not Apollo Motors branded items (e.g., Apollo Motors batteries used on homemade custom-built bikes).
  • Persons who are not the original purchaser as listed on the receipt.
  • Claims outside the valid warranty date from the date of receipt.
  • Products won as prizes in exclusive competitions or giveaways.
  • Any packaging required to securely pack items for return repairs.
  • *Accessories such as clothing, bags, tires, tubes, serviceable fluids, perishables, or wear and tear items.

What happens when I have a warranty problem?
  • Contact your retailer to help diagnose the problem.
  • If a manufacturing defect is established, we will ship the replacement part, OR
  • If the defect requires a technician to diagnose, repair, or install components, we will direct you to one of our dealers, a local bike shop, or a technician for further attention, OR
  • In extreme and isolated cases, we will arrange for the return of the product to us at our expense.


This three-month warranty applies to all our vehicles, except for the RFN RALLY and the RFN ARES. These models have their own warranty chart, presented in the table below:

RFN ARES/Rally Warranties

Parts Warranty
Hub rims Hub rims 5000KM
Lithium Battery Lithium Battery 12 months
Charger Charger 12 months
Shocks Shocks 1500KM or 3 months
Front and Rear axles Front and Rear axles 6 months
Meter display Meter display 6 months
Controller Controller 12 months
Seat Seat 6 months
Wiring Harness Wiring Harness 6 months
Brake assemblies Brake assemblies 6 months
Disc Brakes Disc Brakes 12 months
Switches Switches 6 months
Throttle Throttle 6 months
Motor Motor 12 months

For any additional questions or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you fully enjoy your experience with our products.