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Who to contact when something is wrong ?

Apollo Motors is a distributor of vehicles, parts and accessories. We have built this FAQ section to help you identify and resolve general issues. Unfortunately, we do not do technical support. If you cannot find answers to your questions in this section, here's what to do.

1. Contact your retailer who can help

2. Send us a message:

3. Send us an email:

Why prices on internet are different from the stores ?

Apollo Motors is a distributor and displays prices that are a reference point for all resellers and is in addition the manufacturer's suggested retail price. However, the prices displayed on the internet do not include transport, preparation or costs related to the delivery of the vehicle. It is therefore normal that the price seen in store is higher because it includes the elements mentioned above. Also, vehicle prices vary from one reseller to another. The geographic location and cost of labor has a direct impact on the costs of preparations. Apollo Motors invites you to contact the dealer nearest you to promote local purchase.

To do before the first ride

To do before the first ride

1. Adjustment of the handlebar.
2. Make sure the wheels are screwed with a pine cutter.
3. Check tire pressures (approximately 8 to 10 lbs).
4. Lubricate the chain and check the chain tension (before first use and check the tension frequently).
5. Tighten and grasp the bolts and nuts (lock nut).
6. The adjustment screw for the gas handle.
7. Ball joint, connecting rod and forward direction (cutter pin).
8. 2 caps left motor side (from 50 to 125cc): to unscrew with a 25 sub, to put a drop of lock and screw back.
9. Rear axle nuts and brake screws (Galipper).
10. Check the fuel level of the vehicle (before departure).
11. Turn off the engine and allow to cool before changing the oil.
12. Change the oil, you must change the candle preferably.
13. For break-in: Roll the machine up to 50% of its performance. For the first tank.
14. Some model requires additional mounting.


15. After 2 or 3 fillings (around 10 hours), change the oil a second time. For future oil and spark plug changes according to the manufacturer's standards in your user guide.

To do list before each time you use your vehicle

To do list before each time you use your vehicle:

- Check the oil and fuel levels.
- Make sure the steering is positioned correctly.
- Check the cables to make sure they aren't worn or frayed.
- Lube the chain and adjust it to be nice and tight.
- Check your brakes and look for oil leaks. 
- Try a rider-training course to brush up on your skills.

Invest in Good Gears for your protection:

When riding, wearing tough gear is always a smart move.

- Pick a D.O.T. helmet that fits well. Pair it up with goggles or glasses with safety lenses.
- Use safety as your excuse to shell out for that body armor. Get the pants while you're at it.
- Wear durable non-slip gloves.
- Invest in boots that cover your ankles.

When You're out riding Off-Road

Let's be honest: There's a lot of stuff out there that's bigger than your bike. 

- Know your bike's limits.
- Stick to the known areas.
- Don't tailgate other vehicles on the track.
- Be respectful of other riders. 
- Make sure other riders can see you. 
- Use both brakes at the same time, slow and steady.
- Don’t ride at night.



Why are shipping fees more expensive than what I saw ?

Our shipping policy is as follow:
0-50km or from 250 grams to 499 grams: 9.99$
50-500km or from 500 grams to 4999 grams: 14.99$
500km or more than 5000 gram: 19.99$
You can view the complete text here:
Additionally, additional charges may apply for transporting vehicles and parts to hard-to-reach areas. This only applies to less than 5% of orders and is frankly beyond our control.
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